About Our Services

  • Our offices are located at 70 West 36th Street , between 5th and 6th Avenues. Prime midtown location.

  • Our offices are 1500 square feet on the 10th Floor.

  • We have a fully equipped digital casting studio on premises.

  • Audition sessions are available on DVD making them easy to cue, fast forward and rewind to any take.

  • We take digital pictures of every actor that auditions at our office. This enables us to send “real-time” photos of our session favorites immediately to our producers via email. The producers can then see what a favorite actor/actress actually looked like at the time of their audition in our office. (forget about deceptive 8 x10’s).

  • Since our casting sessions are recorded digitally, we have the ability to post them onto our video server for immediate viewing over the internet. This is perfect for producers who need to make decisions quickly and are in Los Angeles , Baltimore or Toronto or other locations outside of NYC.

  • We always strive to provide our producers with audition tapes that make callbacks unnecessary. We work extensively on the material with our favorite actors and provide clear full-body and profile views. Our producers typically cast their roles from our audition tapes without live callbacks.

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